The most ancient of Scottish Arts

Almost everything I've made since I launched my online shop in 2014 has been a combination of words and images. I didn't exactly plan this and, to be honest, only noticed last summer when I created t-shirts inspired by Celtic and Pictish art. It's taken me until now to work out how to transpose those designs onto paper.

Celtic and Pictish arts can trace their roots back to at least 1000 BC. What we primarily think of as Celtic art dates from the post-Roman era, beginning around the 5th century, and reached its zenith as the Viking raids on these islands began in the late 8th century. The Book of Kells is the most famous example.

Pictish art, while sharing similar roots, can be seen as a distinct style in itself. It is mostly found on monumental stones, as the people themselves left no written records. The distinctive style became blurred with Celtic art and was eventually subsumed, as the Picti merged with the peoples of Dál Riata in the tenth century.

Over the past month, I've immersed myself in the various styles of these art forms and have created six panels that merge these earliest of Scottish arts. Each of the decorative panels is available in three colourways, across my usual range of posters, mounted prints, giclée prints, magnets and cards.

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