Shortbread, Scotch, warnings… and boabies!

Jings! We're in March already? The change of seasons is making itself known here, on the banks of the firth on the north ege of Edinburgh. The sun has been out today, the temperature is mild and – whisper it – maybe spring is around the corner. In the verges and gardens daffodils are peeking out… and they're not the only things bursting forth – I have new drawings in my shop. Check 'em out below!

When the iconic Forth Bridge was completed in 1890, it brought the peoples of Edinburgh and Fife closer together – whether they wanted it or not! This poster was an attempt to give warning to Edinburgh's prickly citizens.

If there's one thing that will guarantee irritation in a Scot, it's the inappropriate application of the word 'Scotch'. Where once it was used as a label for the peoples of Scotland and their diaspora, today it applies to only four things: broth, whisky, a pie and an egg.

The number one, no contest, top of everyone's list of the Scottish Cringe is shortbread tins and the tartan that covers them. Disparaged by Scots far and wide as the epitome of Tartan Tat, I say 'enough!' Tartan is amazing and shortbread is the food of the gods. Let's celebrate Scottishness.

'Boaby' is not the name of this cockerel but is, rather, a Scots language nickname for a certain male anatomical feature.

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