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During the week, I asked Scottish Twitter what were their favourite Scots animal names.

The response was totally overwhelming, with over 250 replies. I now have a long list of names, which have inspired me to begin work on a new series. 

Even more surprising than Twitter's response, however, was that journalist Sean Murphy for the Daily Record noticed and wrote a story about it!

Asked by Sean where the idea to post the question came from, I responded "The idea came to me when I was at the launch of Laura Waddell's Exit last night, oddly enough. There was mention of turning over stones to find what's under them and I suddenly thought of slaters. I realised that I grew up with the word, which is one of the few Scots words I had back then. I decided I wanted to find out more Scots words for animals and draw some. I thought asking Scottish twitter for their favourites would be fun."

You can read the full story here.

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